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    We are an in-cab advertising platform. We can help your brand reach out to 100,000 passengers of cabs daily.

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    As a passenger - during your commute you can play your favourite games and listen to trending music on the tablets..

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    New to the city? Showing you nearby places trending as your cab crosses along with giving you discount coupons for the places you cross.

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Automated Process

We have worked and made it possible to end any manual involvement to control the tablets, Tabverts can now upload ads, content, integrate third-party apps and do everything on the tablet remotely through the admin online.

Customized Ads

We work with cleints & brands to help create content which is appealing and keeps the viewer engaged, therefore we try to build interactive buttons in the advertisements & develop creative content for maximum conversions.

Monitor Your Analytics

We also share our real-time analytics application with you when you advertise with us. The application shows you all details around your campaign on your mobile anytime - simply login using your credentials and explore.

Duplicacy &Conflicts

We try not to stream various advertisement of different brands with the same doamin prodcut at once so that there are no conflicts or confusions to the consumer and your brand is placed as an exclusive in every ride.

Influencer Promotions

We also help your brand create advertisements which feature famous influencers of your industry, this way your advertisement not only is streamed on Tabverts but also promoted all over the social media platforms of the influencers.


We are 24 x 7 available for client servicing and have a dedicated team working towards maintaining relations with people who matter & collaborate with us. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have for us.

Tabverts | About Us

At Tabverts our goal is to utilise the hours people spend while travelling in cabs daily. We monitor about 200,000+ rides happening everyday and about 150,000+ people who spend 15 minutes of their day in cabs.

Through advertising on our platform you can directly interact with the passenger as there is no way for the passenger to skip your advertisement or ignore it as it is placed behind the headrest which is right in front of them.

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